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A Digital Identity
Venture Capital Firm


Photo by Nate Hovee from Pexels

About Our Name
In 1414 King Henry V passed the Safe Conducts Act. This has evolved into what has become the modern day passport. This Act is widely recognized as the first official form of accepted identification. 1414 Ventures believes we are on the cusp of the next wave of identity and it will be led through the digital channel. It is our thesis to lead investments in this next chapter of "digital identity,” enabling a better experience for users and providing better compliance and security for enterprises.
Our Focus
Backing pre-seed and seed stage founders focused on creating innovative digital identity solutions.
In the data economy, how credentials of people, entities and things get captured, shared and stored drives our personal and business lives. The acceleration of all things digital is putting massive pressure on old technology and platforms which can't support the requirements of new, more virtualized interaction models. 

The next generation of digital identity technology is a necessity for the growth, privacy and security demands of this new era.
Digital Identity Opportunity Matrix
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