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"The next generation of digital identity technology is a necessity for the growth, privacy and security demands of this new era."
1414 Ventures is focused solely on the digital identity space which supports functions such as payments, cybersecurity, and data privacy & trust. Given the exponential surge in virtual and digital transactions/interactions over the last year combined with increased security, fraud prevention, and privacy needs, there is a huge opportunity for next-generation digital identity startups.

Who We Fund & Capital

We focus on pre-seed/seed stage investments to capture the most upside in this next wave of innovation and use our extensive relationships, deep technical & domain expertise, and go-to-market know-how to quickly help founders grow these companies. We look for startups and founders who are driven by solving a digital identity business problem with a solution that is unique and truly meets a market, customer, or user need. We like big ideas where the combination of our team and our capital deliver game-changing outcomes. 
Market Drivers

Changing Perspectives on Identity and Privacy


Evolving Global Regulatory Considerations


Acceleration of Digital Transformation


Growing Shift to Omni-Channel Engagement Model


Exponential Rise in Data from Internet of Things

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